2024 Four Frame Nuc


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These four frame nucs consist of 2 deep frames of brood in all stages and 2 frames of feed/pollen/empty cells.  They come in a non-refundable coroplast nuc box that is included in the price. 95% of the frames in our operation are wooden frames with drawn plastic foundation and they have only been used as brood frames for one or two seasons which means that they are in good condition and don’t have the disadvantages that come with old dark brood comb. The nucs come with either a proven overwintered queen, or a local queen mated in the current season, depending on availability. If you are purchasing a nuc for next season, you have the option of only paying a deposit at the time of purchase and paying the remainder prior to receiving the nuc.
  • Can I pick my nuc up on Vancouver Island?

    We have rendezvous locations in Victoria, Saanich and Crofton around the end of May.  Additional rendezvous meetings may be scheduled depending on demand but delivery to Vancouver Island in June is not guaranteed.  Of course, anyone can pick up nucs from us on Salt Spring Island.  We also occasionally make trips to the lower mainland and beyond.  If you are interested in a large order but live far away, please contact us to discuss delivery options.

  • Are your bees inspected prior to selling nucs?

    Yes, they are.  A copy of the permit is avaialble upon request.

  • What size frames are included with nucs?

    Nucs come with standard frames, otherwise known as deep frames.  They are typically less than 5 years old and mostly incorporate drawn plastic foundation in a well made wooden frame.

  • Do you give refunds if I order nucs and change my mind?

    You will receive a full refund if you change your mind about an order prior to February 15th.  After that date the nuc deposit portion becomes non-refundable.

  • What kind of box do the nucs come in?

    The nucs come in corrugated plastic nuc boxes which are included in the price and are not refundable due to the risk of disease transfer.

  • Are there taxes on nuc sales?

    Bees and queens are considered livestock and are tax exempt.

  • Are the queens that are included with nucs marked?

    Queens are marked with a colored dot on their thorax indicating the year they were mated.  There is no charge for marking queens and if you would prefer an unmarked queen please let us know in advance.

  • Do you mail nucs?

    No we don’t.   It’s not uncommon for things to go wrong with mailing nucs.