• Can I get my queens mailed to me?

    You have the option of picking up queens locally or having them mailed via Canada Post. Typically your queens will arrive alive and healthy but Canada Post does not guarantee the time it takes for delivery, the conditions the queens are in during shipping, or if the queens will arrive in good condition.  That means if you choose to have queens shipped rather than picking them up yourself, you are accepting full responsibility for them from the moment Canada Post takes possession of them.  Canada Post delivery is a flat fee of $55 irrespective of how many queens are ordered.

  • Can I pay with my credit card?

    Yes, choosing the PayPal option will allow you to pay with your credit card.

  • Are there taxes on bees?

    Bees and queens are considered livestock and are tax exempt.

  • Do you mark your queens?

    Queens are marked with a colored dot on their thorax indicating the year they got mated.  In the case of young wintered queens for early nuc sales, the mark is a bit misleading because the dot would be the color of the previous year even though the queen has not been through a full spring buildup so the queen is  younger than the dot would suggest.  There is no charge for marking queens and if you would prefer an unmarked queen please let us know in advance.

    New World Carniolan queens are imported and sold directly in a cage with the queen and attendants.  These queens may or may not be marked with a dot.


  • What are New World Carniolan queens?

    More information on NWC genetics is available by clicking here.