2022 4 frame Nuc for End of May Availability (Deposit Only)


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This is a deposit for reserving 4 frame nucs, consisting of 2 frames of brood in all stages and 2 frames of feed/pollen/empty cells for laying along with bees covering all 4 frames.

These nucs are available around the end of May depending on weather conditions.  They come with a Carniolan queen mated on Salt Spring Island in the spring of 2022.

If locally mated nucs are out of stock you can subscribe to be notified when they become available.

You will need to come back to the website and pay the remaining balance before taking possession of the nuc if you choose not to pay the full amount up front.  This deposit portion is fully refundable up until February 15th.  The final payment is completely refundable upon cancelation of the order.

Please contact me to discuss delivery options if you are not able to pick them up on Salt Spring Island or at one of several pre-arranged meeting places.