2022 5 frame Nuc (Deposit Only)


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Deposit for reserving 5 frame nucs, consisting of 3 frames of brood in all stages and 2 frames of feed/pollen/empty cells for laying along with bees covering all 5 frames.  They have a young proven wintered Carniolan queen selected for rapid buildup.

On this product page you are given a choice between purchasing plastic EZ nuc boxes for $12 each or receiving the nuc in reusable plywood nuc boxes which requires a $25 deposit per nuc.  The deposit is given back when you return the plywood nuc box, but if you don’t live close by you might prefer the EZ nuc for convenience.

The full price for each nuc is $245-255 depending on which availability date you choose.  You will need to come back to the website and pay the remaining balance before taking possession of the nuc.  If you prefer to pay the balance using another method please contact me to discuss options.  The deposit portion is fully refundable up until February 15th.  After that date only the $25 plywood nuc box portion or the $12 EZ nuc portion of the deposit is refunded.

The final payment is completely refundable upon cancelation of the order.

Please contact me to discuss delivery options if you are not able to pick them up on Salt Spring Island or at one of several pre-arranged meeting places.

You can find details about refunds along with other questions you may have on the FAQs page.