Pollination on Salt Spring Island

There is something very special about watching honey bees coming and going from hives in your own garden.  Keeping bees is hard work and particularly challenging on Salt Spring Island. Renting hives can let you have that experience and benefits without having to worry about all the details.


If you are interested in pollinating your orchard or garden, then renting honey bee hives might be a good fit for you.  Home gardens and orchards should be well pollinated with two or three hives but if you have a commercial crop or orchard and need a larger number of hives please contact me to discuss a pollination contract.

Not every location is suitable

About two thirds of Salt Spring Island is heavily forested with coniferous trees.  These areas do not have enough nectar and pollen sources to support honey bee hives even in small numbers.  Other things to consider is having enough sun exposure, and having access by road or driveway.  If you are interested in pollination contact me directly and I would be happy to discuss your location.