What is creamed honey?

Creamed honey does not involve adding cream or anything else to the honey.  It is just a process of “seeding” liquid honey with finely ground crystallized honey which causes the liquid honey to crystallize itself with fine crystals that leave the honey soft and spreadable.  It is also called soft set honey, spun honey, or […]

Why is Salt Spring Island honey so rare?

It is very difficult to make surplus honey on Salt Spring Island.  This is due to not having large fields of flowering monoculture like clover, canola, or alfalfa.  Salt Spring bees collect honey from wildflowers and blooming trees instead.  Salt Spring also often experiences very dry summers which result in the flowers not being able […]

What does the term “raw honey” mean?

Honey is considered raw if it has not been heated beyond the temperatures that you would find inside a hive on a summer day.  It is slightly heated to allow it to flow for extracting and bottling purposes but it is never heated above 35-37c.  Raw honey has also never been filtered, only put through […]